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We are providing the following services to our Valued customers:


- Export Documentation as per Letter of Credit terms and conditions

- Review the L/C for terms and conditions, advising if Changes are
- Prepare all required documents, as per Letter of Credit requirements

i) Commercial Invoice
ii) Packing List.
iii) Certificate of Origin.
iv) Transport Documents (AWB, HAWB, B/L, FCR etc)
v) Beneficiary's Certificates, etc....
- Co-ordinate with your staff for the Transport documents. Make any
necessary adjustment with proper Authorization. If needed we will provide
sample Transport Documents (AWB, B/L, FCR).
- Proof read transport documents and advising if changes are necessary.

- Providing help in preparing Insurance document.
- Rush service facility available if needed (within 24 hours service). -
Pricing for these items is available upon request.
- Pricing for documentation make-up service varies, depending on the
letter of credit. Export letters of credit calling for drafts, commercial
invoices, transport documents, packing lists, and a beneficiary's
certificate within your range. Pricing is subject to the documentary
requirements of the Credit.


Our highly experienced and trained L/C professionals are focused on
providing the shortest possible time in completion of Letters of Credit
documentation. Our aim has always been to work for the well being of our
valued customers in every possible way. We are committed to provide our
valued customers with the best in quality and service. 

"Send us your L/C 
with supporting documents 
We are going to process your 1st set of Sample Export documentation absolutely free..''
Do you want to prepare clean export documents for your shipments.
Looking for a basic solution to help you with your export documents, 
We are the one to choose, with our support, you can eliminate that hassle.

Just give us your case and get error free export documents as per Letter of

Credit requirements, such as Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate Of Origin,Transport documents (AWB, B/L, FCR), Beneficiary's Cert's etc .... 
within short time.
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