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About Us 

Export Documentation Solutions | Letter Of Credit Documentation Company Serving Freight forwarders, Shippers and Banks. We do Export Documentation as per Letter Of Credit terms and conditions.

Export Documentation Solutions was incorporated as an export document consulting company specializing in export document  and consulting services in local as well as in international markets.

Our document preparation services are handled by skilled trade documentation experts.


As you know Export documentation is a tedious but necessary process that all exporters must pay close attention to.. Accuracy and timeliness of preparing export documents is vital in international trade.


If you are looking for the professionals to prepare your export documents; then we (Export Documentation Solutions) are the one to choose! And believe it or not, we actually love letters of credit. We are providing a fast, efficient and convenient Export Documentation service like never before, using our proven L/C software that captures the primary details of the shipment as per Letter Of credit and create necessary documents without flaws, errors within short time.


We are committed to provide value to our corporate clients and individual customers with irresistible prices and services, maintain high standards and exceed customers' expectations. Our flexible service is designed to help meet the time demands of today's competitive markets.


Some selected highlights of our services include:

- Review letter of credit terms for consistency and provide expert feedback regarding key terms

- Our team is familiar with errors and inconsistencies that often appear in letters of credit.

- We know the unique information that global trade banks expect to appear in letter of credit documentation.

- Prepare all internal documents including invoices, packing lists, beneficiary certificates and drafts.

- Coordinate all required third party documents such as transport documents (AWB, B/L, FCR), insurance certificates and inspection certificates.

- Our experts ensure that third party documents are delivered on time and in compliance with the terms of the letter of credit.

- We ensure that documents are accurate, which eliminates discrepancy fees, payment delays, and demurrage potential.


"We are going to process your first sample case absolutely free"

Just give us your case and get error free export documents as per Letter of Credit requirements, such as Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate Of Origin, Transport documents (AWB, B/L, FCR), Beneficiary's Cert's etc... 

We trust you would consider our service for your future export; we look forward to the privilege of serving you.


We Do Errorless Export Documentation as per Letter Of Credit

terms and conditions. 



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